“we have used these good people several times for repairs of several watches and jewelry and each time found the service to be polite, prompt and good value. Nice people who know what they are doing and seemingly take a long view of customer relationships.I am looking for a high end watch and will give them a shot at the business…”Frank W.
“Replaced watch battery on my Tag for $8. Other jewelry store wanted $50”John H.
“Prompt, cheerful service. Lovely people. Just needed a watch band and battery, but they took their time to provide CUSTOMER SERVICE!” Sue S.
“I tried to unscrew a screw for about 2 or 3 hours and I was very frustrated, because it wouldn’t come out. I found Kagy’s Jewelry Box on the Internet and the people there were very friendly. The man unscrewed the screw in less than a minute and they didn’t charge me anything. I am very Thankful and I will definitely be back.”Evelina M.
“Reasonable prices, Excellent Service, and the work is done by experts. This is a family owned business and retains the personal touch.”Selmy B.
“Needed my wedding set to be sized up. Not only did they size it up but they kept the band the same size without going thinner. Also rhodium plated it to bring back that beautiful white gold finish without me even asking. Will definitely be back again.”Stacey S.
“Wonderful people and completely honest and professional. I took a watch in for a new rubber band to replace the old one. Not only did Mr. Kagy put the new band on the watch while I waited, but he took 15 to 20 minutes to get the band to conform to the lugs of the watch and didn’t want a penny extra over the price of the band. On another occasion, I brought in a watch that had the second hand fall off into the case. Mr. Kagy’s son told me he would try to fix it although he could not guarantee it. I did not mention that this automatic watch had been “fixed” twice previously, only to have the second hand fall off in a day! In 2 days, I got a call that the watch was fixed. I picked it up and everything has perfect for over 6 months! The watch even fell once and the secondhand was perfect! Wonderful work from great people.”Paul B.
“Fast, excellent service and affordable! Will be going back and I would highly recommend Kagy’s!”Nicole B.